How do you rank your favourite albums in the Google Play Store?

Google Play Music has recently introduced a new ranking system for music apps, one that’s more in line with the likes of Spotify and Rdio, rather than the ranking system that Spotify has long been known for.

The system will make it easier for artists to compete with the more expensive, but more comprehensive, music services that have traditionally been more reliant on subscriptions.

Google says that the new system, which was announced at this week’s Google I/O conference, will help artists find new fans and increase their exposure in the App Store.

But, as this article from New Scientist notes, the system isn’t perfect and will have some limitations: It doesn’t offer a detailed breakdown of the songs you’re listening to, nor does it give a precise breakdown of how many downloads have been made.

Instead, it will look at what percentage of your downloads are actually listened to and compare that to a score that will be given to a Spotify playlist.

The score will then be compared to your album’s iTunes ranking, and then the score will be adjusted based on your iTunes account’s playcount.

That’s not to say that you won’t have some hard-to-hit hits on the list, though.

If your music doesn’t have enough downloads to be included in the top 20, you’ll probably still be able to find something worthwhile in the store, and if your music has a decent number of downloads but not enough to make the top 10, then you’ll still be rewarded for that.

Google’s new rankings system will likely see some changes to the top 100 of the Google Music library, as the top ten songs on the playlist will still only be available for download.

Spotify’s Spotify Premium subscription will also see some of its top 100 songs disappear from the top 200.

Google Play has been criticised for its current ranking system, with critics arguing that the system is too simplistic, and too reliant on downloads.

It also appears that Google may be looking to change this system in a similar fashion to Apple’s recent Music app update, which allowed artists to submit albums for the top spot on the iTunes Store.

While Spotify has been able to push a lot of its music into the top of the Appstore for some time now, Apple’s Music has been steadily gaining traction and the music streaming service has seen its total play count rise from the first quarter of this year to over 40 million users.

Spotify has also introduced a more granular approach to its music ratings system.

As Spotify explains, Spotify’s algorithm will now look at the number of people who have played your songs, which will give an indication of whether or not your songs are among the top 25 most downloaded albums in their country.

Google has said that this approach will allow it to make better decisions on what music to give its artists, and will hopefully see a return of some of the more obscure songs that artists like Lorde and Depeche Mode have been trying to get into the AppStore for some years now.

Spotify will also be working on a new music app in the coming months, with plans to make its music discovery service more comprehensive.

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