How to be the best, fastest and most popular San Diego Chargers fan

This is the second time in less than two years that the San Diego franchise has been given a “D” grade for its fans.

A year ago, the Chargers were named one of “The Top 5 Worst Fans in America,” a designation that came with the “F” grade.

The organization has had to deal with some negative publicity this year, with the Chargers being accused of sexual assault against a player.

The team also recently hired new head coach Anthony Lynn to lead the team, and it is not the first time that the franchise has had some of its fans get “D.”

Fans have long been a big part of the San Francisco 49ers fan base, and the Chargers have always been one of the more loyal franchises in the NFL.

But this year is the first in which the franchise got a “B.”

The Chargers are not only being criticized for the ratings that the team is getting, but for the negative attention that the Chargers are getting from fans in San Diego.

Some fans have even gone as far as to call for the team to be banned from San Diego in order to improve its ratings.

The Chargers have been in the spotlight for the last couple of years after the death of their former general manager, Kevin Colbert, and then a series of scandal surrounding the team.

The franchise was fined $1 million for a scheme to manipulate the salary cap by using fake contracts, which resulted in the team being fined $4.4 million for “disloyalty” and a $5 million fine for lying about the number of players they drafted.

The San Diego fans have a strong relationship with the team and they are very loyal to the team because of it.

Fans have also been known to go as far to boycott a Chargers game, which has been a staple of the team’s schedule for years.

However, this year’s “D”-grade from the fans is very unfortunate for the Chargers, as the team has been one the most popular teams in the league this season.

This “B” grade has come from fans that have made the “D-grade” a regular occurrence for fans in the area, as it is something that fans will remember and talk about for years to come.

Here is the rundown of the ratings from “The Fan,” which is based on the “Fan 100” survey: “Franchise rating: B-Overall ratings: 11.0 per 100,000 Fans: 11,639,742 Fans who say that they plan to attend at least one Chargers game in 2017: 8,531,746 Fans who have made this rating a regular occurence of their season: 5,564,957 Fans who are more likely to attend a Chargers home game than attend another team’s: 4,633,856 Fans who plan to have a fan in their household this season: 4.5% Fans who want the Chargers to be “B-level” this season by 2018: 3.9% Fans that will be the biggest Chargers fan in 2017 if the team finishes with a winning record: 2.6% Fans with the biggest home crowds in the Super Bowl era: 1.6 Million Fans who said that they will attend at a Chargers preseason game in 2019: 7,739,500 Fans that have the biggest stadium crowds for an NFL team this season and plan to make that a regular event: 3,099,500 Fan base that is the most likely to get into a fight during the 2017 NFL season: 6.5 Million Fans that plan to buy Chargers gear: 4% Fans looking for a new Chargers jersey: 2% Fans planning to wear Chargers gear during the 2019 NFL season and buying: 2,500,000 Total fans who have said that a Chargers jersey was one of their “must-have” items in 2017 and will get one in 2019 (total: 439,000): 7,636,200 Fans that are more “interested in the Chargers” this year (total number of fans who plan on buying or wearing a Chargers’ jersey): 2,000,000 The Chargers will have a difficult time getting back into the playoffs this season because of the ongoing allegations that the organization has a history of sexual harassment against players.

This year’s season will likely see the Chargers fall short of the playoff threshold.

The ratings for the fans that plan on attending a Chargers stadium this season were based on a “Fan 75” survey, which is a survey of more than 3,000 fans across the country.

This survey included questions about whether they would attend a game at Qualcomm Stadium, AT&T Stadium or CenturyLink Field.

Fans were also asked about whether the team should be allowed to field a “home” or “road” team.

Fans that answered “home team” were more likely than fans who answered “road team” to say that the “road game should be home field” as opposed to “home.”

The “Fan 76

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