How to deal with a fake news story

What you need to know about the fake news epidemic plaguing our newsrooms.

article From fake news to fake news media to fake info, the proliferation of fake news has been on a relentless march in recent months.

But just how fake news is spreading and how dangerous it can be to our society is less clear.

While there is no doubt that fake news reaches millions of people daily, experts say it is only a small part of a much larger problem that has a far more destructive impact on our society.

A new report released Wednesday by the non-partisan Committee to Protect Journalists estimates that about 25 percent of news stories that it tracks in the United States are false or misleading.

And according to a survey released last week by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, roughly half of all Americans — 52 percent — believe the mainstream media is biased against the President-elect Donald Trump.

The report comes as a new round of Trump tweets appear to be coming from a fake account that appears to be run by a man in his late 30s.

The fake news problem is so severe that, at this point, we should all be worried about it.

So let’s address the question, How is fake news spreading?

Here’s what you need now to know: What is fake info?

Fake news is fake information that is either created or spread by an individual or a group of people to make the point that they know something is wrong with something.

Fake news stories are often used to stir up outrage and distrust in their own communities, or to discredit the news they cover, like a fake story about the White House banning Muslim Americans.

It’s also often used in ways that appear to bolster the position of a political candidate, like an attack on a rival candidate that was subsequently debunked by fact-checkers.

The problem, experts and researchers say, is that most of the fake information is not accurate or is misleading, and its authors often don’t even bother to check it out.

What do you need from a newsroom to deal in fake news?

As a news organization, your first step should be to understand how it works.

This can be done through a quick primer on how the news industry works, or through reading the articles published on a particular site.

It should also include a few key points that will help you understand the issues that are at the heart of the problem.


When should you take action?

When a story is reported in your newsroom, it has been vetted by our editors, reporters, producers and other news professionals.

This is a critical step in ensuring the accuracy of the content, so it should be taken seriously and taken seriously quickly.


How do you check a story?

There are several ways you can check a fake article for factual errors and other problems.

First, you can look at the original source.

This could be a news report, a news article on social media or a social media post from the fake account itself.

Second, you could also search the site, using its search bar.

Google or Bing, for instance, will help users quickly find the article they’re looking for.

Third, you may want to check the language of the article itself, and if there is any indication that it is from a source that is not trusted, then you should investigate it.

For instance, if a story has been posted by a person who claims to have been in the White Houses White House security detail, but has never been there, or if the original news story was published by a publication that has never reported that, then that might be a problem.

You could also look at its headline.

This should include the word “fake” or “false,” or a phrase that suggests that the information in the article is not true.

If it’s a headline that is just one word or a paragraph long, then the information is likely fake.


What is a fake headline?

A headline that does not include the words “fake news,” “news,” “real news,” or “real time” will usually be considered fake news.

A headline with no or only one of these words will not be considered real news, but it will still be considered false.


What should you look for in a fake report?

If a story claims that the President of the United Sates is a child molester, then a story like this should be immediately debunked.

A story that says President-Elect Trump is a Nazi, or that the Russian government is behind a hacking of the Democratic National Committee, is also likely fake news, according to experts.

But a story that uses the phrase “fake media” is likely to be legitimate news, experts said.

If a news source is clearly stating a fact that is false, then it should immediately be removed from the news source’s website.

If the claim is false and it’s being shared on social networks, the news outlet should also delete it.

The article should also be flagged as false for a

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