‘We’re not talking about a race, we’re talking about something’: Why we’re scared of an election with Brexit in mind

Posted March 02, 2019 05:50:40As the UK prepares to vote in the country’s most closely watched election in decades, experts warn of the dangers of complacency and a Brexit that would destabilise the country and leave millions more at risk.

But despite being a global power, Britain is a country where people are still wary of the risk of another divisive election.

“It’s a long-term thing,” says Michael Green, the editor of the International Business Times (IBT) who is based in London.

“The fear of Brexit is a real one.

If the economy is still weak, and the pound is falling, and things are not looking great for the UK, then you need to have a very strong reaction, not just a momentary jolt.”

So it’s something that needs to be managed very carefully.

“The threat of Brexit, which the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will “definitely not rule out” during the campaign, is not the only thing that is keeping people in Britain awake at night.

The country is also facing its first major recession in more than a decade.

And a new report has found that Brexit has already contributed to the rise in unemployment, which is at a record high of nearly 18 per cent.”

There’s no question that the Brexit issue is one that has been very much on the minds of the British public,” said Dr Christopher Hill, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation think tank.”

I think the economic situation is now more likely to be a concern than it was in the early 2000s, before the financial crisis hit.

“But there are some things that the public are very concerned about, such as the threat of terrorism and the security situation.”

He added: “It’s not just the financial, it’s a whole range of other issues that we’re concerned about.”

Brexit is one of the things that people are worried about.

“There is a widespread fear that Brexit could have long-lasting implications for the way people live in Britain, as well as potentially putting them at risk of criminal behaviour.”

We’re seeing an increase in the number of people being stopped and searched,” Hill said.”

This is one area that we see the rise of the terrorist threat and this is one place where the UK has not done enough to combat it.

“These are people who have been identified by the police as potential terrorists and there’s an increase across the board in the levels of stop and searches.”

They’re also people who are more likely, for example, to be at risk from domestic violence.

“In a way, the security implications of Brexit are just as significant, in terms of what happens if there is a Brexit, as the financial issues.”

Brexit will affect people across the world and in particular those in the UKThe International Business Report is the most detailed assessment of the risks that Brexit poses to Britain.

“If you look at the risk profile, the impact is huge,” Hill added.

“Not only for the people who live here, but for the entire world.”

People are still worried about what will happen if there’s a Brexit and we don’t have a clear plan.

“Dr Hill, who is also the chairman of the UK’s National Security Advisory Committee, said there are concerns that the UK could be dragged out of the European Union by a Brexit.”

Our concern is that if we don´t have a plan and we do nothing, the risk is that we will leave the EU and then the EU will be able to dictate terms to other countries,” he said.

He added that if Brexit does not happen by 2019, it would be difficult to predict how Britain would react.”

That means there’s no easy answer for Brexit, but there is one for what is happening right now,” he added.

Brexit is an issue that has divided many of the major political parties, with UKIP saying it wants a “Brexit without a border” while Labour and the Liberal Democrats have said they are prepared to leave the single market, trade deals and customs union.

The latest British General Election was held on the weekend, and will see a repeat of last year’s shock vote to leave.

The election will also be the last of Theresa May’s first term as Prime Minister.”

What Brexit means is that it is a very big question mark for the rest of the world, as it has been for the last couple of years,” Hill told Al Jazeera.

He said the world was still watching the election closely.”

All the other issues are going to be scrutinised closely by the world,” he explained.”

Whether we go to the polls or not, we are in the process of having a very important, defining, defining moment in our political history.

“Theresa May’s Brexit strategy was a huge disappointment, Hill added, with the Government’s Brexit plan being criticised by many experts as a failure.”

Her Brexit strategy

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