What happens when a big city like Atlanta loses its soul?

When Atlanta lost its soul in the early 20th century, the city’s population declined by half.

It was the biggest city in the country when it lost its sense of community, and it was the most economically depressed in the region.

Its people were driven from their jobs and the city struggled to compete with the region’s burgeoning suburban sprawl.

What happened to Atlanta in the years following World War II is a story of how the city changed, how its people moved on, and how the region that was once known as the industrial powerhouse of the South has turned its back on a place that is still trying to rebuild.

A few years ago, I went to visit Atlanta and met with former mayor and city council member Arthur Schlereth.

The city has struggled to reinvent itself since the end of World War I, and the economic crash of 2008 has left many residents homeless, many of them without jobs or income.

Atlanta’s city government has tried to fix its finances by selling off property in the area that’s home to most of its workforce and retirees, a process that has not gone well.

It’s a process we’ve seen time and time again in America, where property values have plummeted in places like New York City, Chicago, and Seattle.

It may seem counterintuitive, but in a way it’s been the way of the world for decades.

The city of Atlanta lost the spirit and soul that made it such a vibrant, vibrant, and thriving city for so many decades.

The loss of that spirit and the loss of the soul that brought people together, and those people moved to other places, led to a collapse of social cohesion and civic life, and a deterioration in public health.

This was the story of Atlanta’s transformation from a prosperous, thriving city to one that is in financial trouble and facing a serious challenge in keeping its residents from leaving the city.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Atlanta began to take on more and more responsibilities as a hub of international trade.

Many of those trade relationships with other countries have deteriorated since then.

Atlanta’s international trade relationship with China is still one of the worst in the nation, with its trade with China being $1.6 billion in 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

As a result, Atlanta’s economy has shrunk, and now the city faces its second recession in as many years.

The recession has left the city with fewer jobs and fewer people, and its city government is struggling to find more funding to support the city from a variety of sources.

We’ve got to find a way to rebuild our city.

We’re not getting the job done.

Atlanta is in a really difficult spot, with a lot of work to do.

It’s been estimated that Atlanta lost more than 200,000 jobs during the recession.

The decline in the city has not only affected the economy, but also its social fabric, with Atlanta’s homeless population, which is more than double the national average, growing at a rate of 10 percent per year.

And that’s when the loss happened.

When people in Atlanta lost their sense of identity and sense of place, they started moving away from the city, and that’s what I’m seeing right now.

During the recession, the exodus was more pronounced in the north and south of the city and east of Atlanta.

The exodus has been especially steep in the south and east, with the exodus from the inner city continuing into the suburbs and the east.

Some people left Atlanta in droves.

In many parts of the south, it’s the same story. 

There are a lot more people who are leaving Atlanta than coming back.

There are more people coming back than leaving. 

People are leaving because the economy is not there anymore.

There’s a lot to be said for Atlanta being a great city, with people coming here, living here, and working here.

The truth is, that’s not what happened.

What happened is that the people who were living here were displaced, and when they moved, they lost their identity.

The people who left Atlanta were displaced because they couldn’t get the jobs that they needed, and their place in the world was being taken from them.

How does that impact the future of the entire region?

The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to about 4 million people.

Atlanta has the largest population of any city in Georgia, and Atlanta is the most racially diverse city in America.

But many of the people moving from the east to the west and west to the north have nowhere to go.

They’re in a place where the economic opportunities are going away, and they’re feeling left out.

If we’re going to rebuild Atlanta, it has to start with a real commitment to rebuilding the city of its past.

Before the collapse, Atlanta had a vibrant and vibrant city.

Atlanta was the hub of the Atlanta-McDonough corridor.

Its economy was based on trade and

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