What if NFL owners were white hats?

When you think of the NFL, you think big.

But what if teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals were also white hats instead of big, wealthy men with a monopoly on power?

Or if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to step down because he had to protect the integrity of the game?

Or what if a majority of the owners were Democrats or independents and that would mean that there was a greater chance of them being in a position to take action?

Would it still be fair to call the NFL a team sport?

We wanted to know how much of the league would change, if anything, to allow for a more representative game.

We asked the experts to weigh in. 1.

The NFL needs to grow to fill its niche.

There is no reason for the NFL to be a monolith.

But that does not mean it needs to be.

The league has the opportunity to grow its fan base and get more people involved with its games.

For instance, the league could make the draft more inclusive by allowing fans to watch games on TV, while allowing teams to draft players who are on the field.

The best teams have the best players and that could mean more money for the teams.

The problem is, it has never happened before.


A change in the NFL’s culture is needed.

The current structure and rules need to change.

A better, more transparent game would bring more people into the sport, while also giving the fans a greater stake in the outcome.

The commissioner has to work harder to create a more inclusive league to be competitive.


Fans need to be compensated.

The owners of the biggest teams can afford to be big, but fans should be compensated for the value of their product and experience.

In addition, players need to receive the same compensation as players on other teams.

This would help make the game more inclusive.


The players should receive more money.

A major change in player compensation and player contracts should be made.

In the current situation, the owners of these big teams are paying their players much more than fans are.

A $200 million salary is far beyond the norm in professional sports.

The biggest players are being paid less than a typical NFL player.

Players are earning more than $1 million per year and teams are making millions of dollars from players who have played fewer than 20 games.

These paydays are unfair for fans.


The fans should pay more.

The teams should pay their players a larger percentage of their total earnings.

The average NFL team is paying its players less than 50 percent of their salary, and fans are not even getting half of the players on the team who are not playing.

The vast majority of NFL players earn a living.

It is time to reward them for that and give fans the right to pay more of their own money.

The experts weigh in on the most common questions from our readers.

Read their answers below.

1) How would the NFL change if all the owners became white hats and Goodell resigned?

The current owners are the most powerful in the league.

They are also the ones who own the stadiums and broadcast networks that are the focal point of the sport.

They control all the other aspects of the business.

Goodell should not be able to unilaterally change that.

But, in the interest of fairness, the experts agree that he should be allowed to. 2) What happens if the owners who were previously white hats leave the league?

If the current owners of all the big teams do leave, there is nothing the NFL can do about it.

The big four owners could still manage the teams and, in some cases, they could even try to change the rules.

The other three owners could take over and, if the other owners do not want that to happen, they can block it.

If Goodell resigned, he would not be the only person who could be fired or suspended.

He would also be a powerful player in a new league.

The only way that Goodell could get fired would be if the league’s owners voted to fire him.

The rules are the rules and they will not change.

3) What about the owners with the best football teams?

The teams that have won a Super Bowl and have the most fans and fans who have been to a Super-bowl game.

They get paid the best, most.

These owners would not have to pay any more money to fans.

They would be compensated the same as other owners.

4) What if the biggest players were white hat?

The owners with a big salary and the most money are still in the game.

This is not an ideal situation.

It would be nice if there were more white hats, but even that would be a problem.

The white hats have no power and would have to be paid what they are worth.

5) If a majority voted to allow players to earn more money, would this make the NFL more competitive?

If Goodell and the other NFL owners voted against that

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