What is the difference between Kim Jong Un’s ‘super power’ and ‘superpower of peace’?

Kim Jong-un has shown his new power of “peace” by signing the first of three nuclear weapons bans signed by the late North Korean leader, the country’s official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday.

Kim was shown at a ceremony in Pyongyang in February signing the deal in a show of his new “peaceful and peaceful nation” and promised to continue his pursuit of “national reunification”.

Kim signed the agreement in a bid to show his “peacefulness” in the face of threats from the United States, South Korea and China, KCNA said, citing sources close to the ruling party.

“This is the first step in the DPRK nuclear power generation program,” the agency said, referring to the secretive country’s atomic program.

The North’s state-run news agency said Kim had been briefed on the agreement and that it was the “strongest step for the nation” since the end of the Korean War.

In a sign of the change in Kim’s personality, he was also shown handing the keys to the new nuclear arsenal, KCN added.

“The DPRK nuclear force is stronger than ever,” Kim was also quoted as saying.

“My country is preparing the world for peace through peace.”

The news agency added that the nuclear agreement was “the most important moment in the development of the DPRK’s nuclear power program”.

The nuclear deal signed by Kim with the leaders of China and Russia came in the wake of a nuclear test that South Korea said on Monday could have been a missile test.

It was the first time in four years that North Korea has conducted a nuclear missile test, which it has previously conducted three times in the past decade.

North Korea previously conducted two nuclear tests in December and May this year.

The US and South Korea have warned that Pyongyang would face “severe consequences” should the North fail to stop its nuclear weapons program.

But the North has said the test was a legitimate test to show it was developing its nuclear force and has said it is committed to pursuing nuclear weapons.

The deal with Russia was the second in the North’s nuclear weapons development program, following a June deal with China.

The United States has accused the North of conducting two nuclear weapons tests and several missile tests over the past 20 years, and has accused it of violating UN resolutions.

North Korean state media said that Kim had signed the nuclear deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was also in attendance at the signing ceremony.

“It is clear that the DPRK is now leading the nuclear power development program in the world,” KCNA quoted Kim as saying at the ceremony.

The KCNA report quoted Kim telling Putin that the two leaders had signed an agreement to continue the development and development of nuclear weapons, including “the nuclear deterrence and nuclear weapons-related capabilities”.

“The North and the Russian Federation have agreed to further develop nuclear deterrence, nuclear weapons and the development nuclear power,” the North Korean statement said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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