When is the next Lee Seo vs. Oh Yeon match?

Oh Yeo is an unknown fighter who hasn’t competed in a fight since December of 2015.

Lee Seolwoo has fought in six UFC fights, including four losses to Oh Yeons record.

Lee is one of the few fighters in the division who is still undefeated.

Lee Seo and Oh Yeong, who are both from the same hometown of Seo Il, are considered one of South Korea’s best.

They have fought every time they have fought in South Korea, and both have won.

In 2014, Lee Seong Won and Ohye Won Won were slated to meet in a lightweight title fight.

However, the bout was delayed due to the Zika virus and OhYe Won was forced to withdraw from the bout due to an injury.

Oh Yeong is a veteran fighter who has won five fights in a row.

In 2017, he defeated Jeong Hyun Kim and Kim Jae Won.

OhYeong also has won six of his last seven fights, most recently defeating Lee Seok Jun. Ohyeong also lost to Lee Seohyun in 2016.

Oh yeo won two of his previous three fights in 2017, and lost in the first round of a decision to Lee Jung Yeon in 2018.

Oh Yoo won the title of “Korean Heavyweight Champion” in 2017.

Lee Jung Young is a fighter who also hasn’t fought since 2015, and is one year removed from the loss to Lee Yeong Won in 2016 that took him out of the UFC title picture.

Lee and Oh yeong were scheduled to meet for the first time in the Octagon in November, and Lee Seon has not fought since April.

Oh Young has won four of his seven fights in the UFC, and was scheduled to fight in a rematch with Lee Seojin in September of 2019, but Oh Yeojin fractured his thumb and will be out of action until the end of the year.

OhYeong has fought six times in the lightweight division, and has won three of them.

Oh Yoong won two straight in 2018, but was forced out of a rematch in November due to a knee injury.

Oh Oh has also lost a split decision to OhYeon, in December of 2016.

Ohyeong is known for his aggression, and he has a reputation for not being patient in his fights.

Lee, who fights in his prime, and Oh Yoon have a long history of fighting each other.

Lee Yoon won the TUF 22 and TUF 20 titles, and also holds the TKO and Submission record.

Lee is the reigning featherweight champion of the world.

Oh, Yoon is a former featherweight title contender.

Lee has been on a tear since the end.

Oh and Oh Won have been on their respective ways since June.

Oh Seong has been fighting his last three fights and won the UFC lightweight title in March of 2019.

Oh Lee is currently training at Bellator MMA.

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