Which is more popular in California: Google or Apple?

I was at the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch, where the company unveiled a pair of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S7.

In an interview with The Verge, the president of Samsung Electronics, JK Shin, described the S7 as the “first truly global smartphone” and an “all-new design for smartphones” that would be “the best of both worlds.”

The S7 is, of course, a smartphone made in the United States.

I don’t know how to explain how excited I was.

And then, after that, I was back at the Galaxy S5 launch.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note5 would be launching in the U.S. this summer, a device that would, among other things, include a 4K display and a “more powerful processor” than the S6, which Samsung says is capable of delivering “20 percent more battery life.”

Samsung was quick to take credit for the Note5, but I couldn’t find any evidence that the phone’s performance has been improved over its predecessor, which launched in March.

There was a lot of hype and expectation for the Samsung Note5.

Samsung had a solid device, but its hardware didn’t seem like it was going to change the world anytime soon.

The Galaxy Note6 was a big step forward.

While Samsung had its own version of the Note series before the Note6, the Note7 was its first new smartphone since the Note 5.

The Note6 is the only phone I’ve seen that’s been able to beat the iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC 10, the phones that both Samsung and Apple launched last month.

The only real difference between the two phones is that the Note 6 features a faster processor and better cameras.

The Note6 has a faster battery than the Note 4, which is good.

As for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 7, they’re not really as fast or as good as the Note 7.

I don’t really care what Apple is trying to say here, but they’re both really bad phones for a lot different reasons.

Apple is doing what Samsung is doing right now with its new phones.

For some, that means a lot about the phones themselves.

The new iPhones are beautiful, powerful, and comfortable to hold.

For some, though, they could be the difference between a comfortable life and a life in which you don’t want to hold your phone.

The iPhone 7 is the latest iPhone.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 are great phones, but for most people, they are not the best phones available.

Samsung has created a phone that has the power to change how you use a smartphone, and that has its own design and specifications that set it apart.

Samsung’s phones are not just better than Apple’s iPhones, they’ve gotten better at it, too.

Samsung doesn’t just make a better phone, it makes a better smartphone that is more versatile.

I’m not a fan of Samsung’s smartphone designs, but the company is trying its best to change that.

Its new phones are designed with the same kind of high-end hardware that Apple and other major smartphone makers have always made.

That means they’re easy to carry around and are great for quick trips.

A Samsung Galaxy Note7 is the perfect example of that.

It’s a beautiful phone that is light enough to be carried, but not so heavy that it’s too uncomfortable.

I love the fact that Samsung made the Galaxy Notes7 light enough for the Galaxy 5S, but also light enough that I don, too, love the look of the Galaxy 6.

To me, Samsung’s design philosophy is very much the same as Apple’s.

Samsung, after all, has been the world’s best smartphone maker for the past 15 years.

The Galaxy S series has always been built around the idea that the user experience should be about something besides what’s actually on the screen.

And that’s something that Samsung’s S phones have always been about: what’s on the display, not what’s happening on your screen.

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